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Hammer 7'6" Micro


Hammer 7’6" Micro

    Item Description:
        Length:  7’6"
        Available: Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy, Extra Heavy

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Hammer Flag T-Shirt - Blue


Hammer Flag T-Shirt - Blue



 Hammer Fishing Rods Add 3 New Rods
Author: Brad Wiegmann

Hammer Fishing Rods is excited to announce the addition of three new models to their Hammer Elite Series of Rods. The new rods will feature American built rod blanks with individually wrapped rod guides. All three will sport Winn Grip handles.

Two of the rods were specifically designed for crankbait fishing. The 7'3" Medium action crankbait rod is designed specifically for fishing small square bill crankbaits. While the 7'3" Medium Heavy can be used to cast lipless crankbaits or medium diving crankbaits in vegetation especially in the spring.

Both Hammer Elite Series cranking rod blanks have a specifically designed parabolic action. "The chances of landing a big bass increases dramatically with the parabolic action we designed for this rod," said Hammer Fishing Rods owner Shane Cox.

Besides new crankbait rods, Hammer Fishing Rods (www.HammerRods.com) now has a swimbait rod. The rod features an extended Winn Grip rod handle. "The extended handle allows anglers to make two-handed cast, reduces fatigue from casting and cranking all day and increases hook set power," said Cox.


The hand-rolled 100% graphite Hammer Fishing Rod blanks are extremely sensitive, but strong enough to land big fish. All three have premium polymer Winn Grip rod handle for a superior slip-resistant, super comfortable grip. "There really is nothing close when it comes to rod grips. It's superior in every aspect of performance and sensitivity," said Cox.

 Exceptional quality in the Hammer Elite Series continues with blank exposed Fuji Reel Seats and Fuji Micro Guides with Aluminum Oxide inserts. "Spacing is critical when you are building a great rod. We utilize two traditional sized double footed rod guides near the reel seat and single footed micro rod guides to the rod tip spaced to allow for the best action possible," said Cox.

Hammer Rods have three models of fishing rods. The Hammer Elite Series, Ladies Elite Series and the Hammer Spinning Series. Every rod features high quality American made craftsmanship and built one at a time. Other features include: Blanks that are flex tested before being assembled, blanks that are 100% graphite hand rolled with a perfect blend of power, sensitivity and performance to meet all fishing conditions and situations, Fuji micro guides, Fuji graphite blank exposed reel seats, Winn Grips handle, and a limited lifetime warranty.

In addition to premium fishing rods, Hammer Fishing Rods sell apparel. You can get a Hammer Cap, Hammer Visor, Hammer Fishing Rods long sleeve or short sleeve shirts.

Anglers can also get a super soft Bull with the Hammer Fishing Rods logo imprinted on it. The Hammer Fishing Rods Bluff is great for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays or even from getting windburn on cheeks, ears, forehead and nose.

Hammer Fishing Rods can be found at your local retail tackle shop or purchased online at www.HammerRods.com.


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