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Hammer 7'3" Micro


Hammer 7’3" Micro

    Item Description:
        Length:  7’3"
        Available: Med/Hvy, Heavy, Extra Heavy

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 It's All Hammer Fishing Rods for Professional Angler Jeremy Utley
Author: Brad Wiegmann

It's extremely challenging fishing against some of the best bass anglers in the world, however, Jeremy Utley believes he's up for the challenge. A great part of his confidence comes from the equipment he is using when fishing. For Utley it all starts with Hammer Fishing Rods.

"Hammer Fishing Rods have the perfect blend of sensitivity, balance, durability, power and performance you expect out of a high quality fishing rod. Everything from the Winn Split grip to the rod blank is exceptional quality," said Utley.

Of course the Winn Split grip really sets the fishing rod apart from other fishing rods. "The Winn Grip is similar to a golf grip on a golf club. It's great in hot weather when you are sweating or when it's raining because the Winn Grip really let's you get a grip on the rod. The Winn Grip also is easy to hold on to in cold weather conditions," said Utley.

For professional tournament anglers like Utley, the fishing rod becomes an extension of their body. They have to have a sensitive rod to feel bites, but powerful enough to land the fish.

"I need a fishing rod that is designed with the right action for the technique I'm doing. Having the right action makes the difference of feeling the bite, being able to set the hook and landing them once you have them hooked," said Utley.


Currently, Utley uses a number of Hammer Fishing Rods. His favorite for fishing a 3/4-ounce Buckeye football jig with Strike King Space Monkey trailer is the Hammer 7 foot, 6 inches, Micro in heavy action. The rod features Fuji Micro with Aluminum Oxide guides with the first two guides on the blank being Fuji 6mm double footed guides. Along with having a 100% graphite hand rolled blank made in the USA with Winn Split Grip and Fuji graphite blank-exposed model.

He also fishes with 13-inch paddle tail worms or 14-inch ribbon tail worms with this same fishing rod. He rigs these lures up with a tungsten 3/8-ounce weight on 20 pound Sunline Fluorocarbon Sniper line.

When fishing with a big flutter spoon, Utley will change to a 7 foot, 6 inch, extra heavy with the same features and components of the heavy action Hammer Fishing Rod. "You need the extra backbone to work the spoon high off the bottom and to set the hook," said Utley.

If Utley changes up to a crankbait, he will switch rods to a 7 foot, 11 inch, medium heavy Hammer Fishing Rod. "I love the action and forgiveness the 7 foot, 11 inch, has in the rod blank. It's not too stiff and helps keep the fish hooked up. Of course my favorite time to fish with it is in the springtime when I'm fishing Rat-l-Traps," said Utley.

Currently, Hammer Fishing Rods (www.hammerrods.com) are available in baitcasting and spinning models. Prices on Hammer Fishing Rods are reasonable in the mid-price range although they have many features and components found in high priced fishing rods. Hammer Fishing Rods are built in the United States.

Winn Grips on Hammer Fishing Rods employ Advanced Vertical Seam technology. AVS is a patented single panel wrapping method using polymer grip material as the top material. Only a single seam can be seen and no material is over lapped. The seam is virtually impossible to see and your hand will never notice it.

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